BV 042-064 1.0 Hermetic Transformer Ei Ui Encapsulated Transformer

BV 042-064 1.0 sealed transformer EI UI Encapsulated transformer Encapsulated transformer,Sealed transformer features:Dielectric Strength: 3750VrmsHigh ambient operation temperature (+70 Celsius degree maximum)Primary (115V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz; 110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz)Secondary:  Single or DualInsulation Class: Class

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BV 042-064 1.0 sealed transformer EI UI Encapsulated transformer

Encapsulated transformer,Sealed transformer features:
Dielectric Strength: 3750Vrms
High ambient operation temperature (+70 Celsius degree maximum)
Primary (115V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz; 110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz)
Secondary:  Single or Dual
Insulation Class: Class B (130 Celsius degree)
Rated Power: from 0.25VA to 60VA

01 EE20/6.1 0.35VA 
02 EE20/10 0.5VA
03 EI30/5.0 0.5VA 
04 EI30/10.5 1.5VA 
05 EI30/12.5 1.9VA 
06 EI30/15.5 2.1VA 
07 EI30/18 2.3VA 
08 EI30/23 2.8VA 
09 EI38/13.6 4.5VA 
10 EI42/14.8 6.0VA 
11 EI48/16.8 16VA
12 EI48/20.5 12VA 
13 EI54/18.8 16VA 
14 EI54/23.0 20VA
15 EI60/21 20VA 
16 EI60/25.5 28VA
17 EI60/30.5 30VA
18 EI60/35 35VA
19 EI66/16 - 20 VA 
20 EI66/23 - 30 VA
21 EI66/30 - 35 VA
22 EI66/35 - 45 VA
23 EI75/32.7 - 60 VA

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BV 042-064 1.0 Sealed Transformer Ei Ui Encapsulated Transformer

BV 042-064 1.0 Sealed Transformer Ei Ui Encapsulated Transformer

The inner packing for the Transformer

BV 042-064 1.0 Sealed Transformer Ei Ui Encapsulated Transformer
Welcome OEM and ODM processing 

SMD power transformer Features:
1. Low profile. 
2. Low D.C. resistance and large permissible D.C. current. 
3. Little co-planarity due to special design of construction. 
4. Wire burst resistant due to special construction. 
5. This can be surface mount assembly and reflow soldering is also possible. 
6. Available for mounting machine due to supply in a form of embossed tape carrying. 

1. Supply high voltage and withstand voltage;
2. Operation frequency range from 40 to 80 KHz;
3. Deliver Output Power from 1.5 to 25 watts;
4. Slim or low profile Type easily built in your design;
5. Available in through-hole and SMT recess or gull wing type;
6. Operate in Royer , direct IC drive and other topologies.

1. Multi-output DC-DC converter transformer. 
2. Camcordey. 
3. LCD television set. 
4. Small size communicating equipment. 
5. Portable telephone. 
6. Personal Digital Assistants.

7. Applicable to light up cold cathodes fluorescent lamp of display.
8. DSC, PDA, Scanner, Car Navigation, Notebook PC, LCD monitor and LCD TV.

More specifications for your reference
Series  Application
EE TransformerApplied in the switching power supply, main power transformer
EE10, EE13, EE16, EE19, EE22, EE25, EE28, EE30, EE33, EE35, EE40, EE42, EE55, EE65
PQ TransformerApplied in the linear filter, choke, pulse transformer, drive transformer
PQ2016, PQ2020, PQ2610, PQ2620, PQ2625, PQ3220, PQ3225, PQ3230, PQ3535, PQ4040, PQ5050
RM TransformerFilters, inductors and transformers for telecommunication other electronic equipment
RM4, RM6, RM8, RM8, RM10, RM12, RM14
EI TransformerVarious kinds of transformers and chokes
EI28, EI13, EI16, EI22, EI25, EI30, EI35, EI33, EI40
EEL TransformerWitching power supply, charges, alarm system
EEL13, EEL19, EEL22, EEL25
EF TransformerApplied in the switching power supply, main power transformer
EF16, EF12.6, EF20, EF25, EF30
EFD TransformerAuxiliary power transformer, main power transformer, choke coils
EFD15, EFD20, EFD25, EFD30, EFD40
UU TransformerVarieties of switching power supply transformer, choke coils et
UU9.8, UU10.5, UU16, UU20
EC TransformerApplied in the linear filter, current transformer, smoothing chock coil, drive transformer
 EC28, EC35, EC39, EC40, EC42, EC49
ER TransformerApplied in the linear filter, current transformer, smoothing chock coil, drive transformer
ER47, ER48, ER49

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BV 042-064 1.0 Sealed Transformer Ei Ui Encapsulated Transformer
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